Turn your plot into an efficient factory

An Ag-management platform that keeps your managers informed at all time. We turn your data into smart tools for planning and decision making.

All your agricultural data on one platform

AgriTask integrates your various data sources into one comprehensive, yet easy to use system, which serves all your management levels.


Get real benefit from satellite and UAV image layers and indexes


Build automatic models with information from stations and forecast

Mobile app

Digitalize your field data and build your own app protocols

Sensors & Machinery

Integrate machines and third party sensor data

Plan & Execute

Easily detect problems, define plan and control activities

What our customers are saying

Agritask is for

Growers, Multi-farm corporates, Exporters

  • Manage the full crop growth cycle
  • Optimize and secure the yield
  • Massive savings on inputs

Ag-buyers & Food conglomerates

  • Quality assurance of yields from multiple dispersed growers
  • Yield estimation & and product availability for the supply chain
  • Benchmarking for supply reliability and selection of crop varieties

Ag-Finance & Ag-Insurance corporates

  • Early interception and evaluation of risks
  • Controlling growers' commitments and crops' status
  • Dynamic yield estimation and damage assessment

Ministries of Agriculture

  • Revolutionizing the efficiency of the governmental extensions system
  • Dissemination of best practices to large numbers of small farmers
  • Regional governmental planning based on actual output results

Use technology without changing your work routine

AgriTask is able to immediately transform your field procedures into computerized protocols, simple to use by any worker worldwide. With AgriTask you can plan better and supervise execution.

Save up to 40% on inputs

AgriTask provides smart insights and models that reduce expenses, from saving on unnecessary spraying to field logistics optimizations.

Extract the maximum benefits from your data

Our team of agronomists and software experts will help you get the most out of our data integration and analytic capabilities. Contact us by WhatsApp, phone, or email.

We help agriculture stakeholders to manage risk and optimize production

Use AgriTask to follow every crop aspect for long-term optimization and higher profit

New technologies become simple and affordable

Crop-specific image analysis from satellites or from your private drone, and any new technology integrated by AgriTask for your decision makers

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